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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change Folder Background With Folder Background Changer

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Change Folder Background With Folder Background Changer. To avoid boredom, we can provide background on specific folders or all folders that exist. Background could have been a photo of our own, our beloved photo, or photos of our children. If interested, we can try freeware on this one, Folder Backgrond Changer.

With freeware, we can change the background image or a folder with images on the computer according to our desires.

How to use the freeware is very easy.

First, download Folder Background Changer first. We can download it here or it could be here. The file size is not too large, only 466 KB. Then do the installation. Make sure you have installed on your computer. NET Framework 2.0 and above.

Second, right click on the folder that we change and then select Change Background.

Third, select / browse for image files that we use as a background folder and then continue by pressing OK.

Fourth, if you want to delete the background specific folder, right click on the folder and then select Change Background and then select Reset.

Fifth, if we want to remove the background on any folder, click Start Menu>> Folder Background Changer>> Reset.

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