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Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Add Shadow in Ms Power Point 2007

tips and trick, office, power point 2007
Microsoft Power Point 2007 offers many ways to make the text, be it a title, bullets, or other important text. One good technique is to add a shadow (shadow effects) in the text we want. Shadow could have appeared on the front, rear, side, or surrounding text.

Well maybe just on how to add shadow effects or shadow effects on text in Microsoft Power Point 2007. There are two ways you can do are:

Using the Ribbon Menu
1. Selection of text you want to be shadow effects.
2. Click the Format menu in the Menu Ribbon.
3. In the WordArt Style box click Text Effects.
4. Shadow on the popup menu select the menu that appears.
5. You can choose the type of inner shadow, outer, or perspective shadow.

Using the right click
1. Right-click on the text you have selected.
2. Select the Format Text Effects.
3. In the Format Text Effects dialog box click the Shadows on the left column.
4. Please your picky effect you like.

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