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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to know the value of an estimate of the site or blog

KNOW THE VALUE OF AN ESTIMATE OF THE SITE OR BLOG. Yesterday, itguide888 browsing and accidentally found an online service that is able to present the estimated value of a site, information, and data a site visitor and other useful information sites.

BIZ INFORMATION is providing the service in question. To find the information and estimates the value of a site, we only need to enter the site URL address in the box provided. Then we only need to press the button "VALUE" and then wait a few seconds to get full information from the site.

Information displayed include:

1. Site Value
2. Daily Point Changes
3. Daily Visitors
4. World Rankings
5. Indonesia's ranking
6. Web Types
7. Page Rank
8. Number of Pages
9. External Links
10. Value Metrics
11. Site Introduction
12. Since Online Sites

To try it, please follow the steps below.

- First, open the page

- Second, enter the URL address of the site / blog in the box provided

- Third, click the "VALUE"

- Fourth, wait a while to get results.

Good luck!

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