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Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Prevent Infectious Virus

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One technique is the fastest spreading viruses today is to through a Flash disk. The spread through USB Flash disks typically use the autorun feature or referred also to autoplay.

If your computer includes a frequent guest arrival of USB Flash disks, perhaps the following can be tried. The following manner will reduce the potential of your computer got a virus through the Flash disk.

Certainly not a wise action put through preventive action before your computer is affected by the disease. Yes the same is, prevention is better than cure,

Here's how to prevent transmission of computer viruses by disabling autorun or autoplay feature.
1. Open the box dialoh run. Can via Start -> Run or press the Windows key on the keyboard, hold and press the R key (Windows + R).

2. After the run dialog box appears, type gpedit.msc, press OK.
3. Then the Group Policy window will appear
4. Enter into folders Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System.
5. Double click on Turn Off Autoplay.
6. Later in the Turn Off Autoplay Properties window select the Enabled option. In the Turn off Autoplay option on select All drives. Click Ok.
7. The next step, open the folder User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System. Then do as step 5-6

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