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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


tips and trick, iphone
The latest version of iOS (version 4) features a new multitasking scheme that lets you run multiple apps at once, and freely switch between them at any time. When running two or more apps, simply double-tap the Home button to view the recently used apps menu along the bottom of the screen. If you scroll to the right, you can see more apps. When you’ve found one you want to start using again, just tap its icon on the multitasking menu; the app will fill the screen, letting you immediately resume your activity right where you left off. Press the Home button again to close the multitasking interface and return to the app you were using when you first opened the multitasking menu.

This also lets you use an app such as Pandora or iheartradio to listen to music in the background and leave the app to check email, browse the Web, or work on a document. You can also use iOS 4-enabled devices to make or take VoIP calls using third-party apps such as Skype. And just like when you’re on a traditional voice
call, you can continue the call while opening the browser, accessing email, or launching another app. GPSbased apps, such as Google Maps, can also remain running in the background and continue to update your position while you perform tasks using other apps. Mapping apps that provide turn-by-turn narration can also resume this capability while running in the background. Another benefit of iOS 4’s multitasking includes alert and message delivery from third-party apps and services such as sports scores, news updates, game requests, reminders, and alarms. You can also perform tasks in the background, such as downloading files while browsing the Web. Make room for more apps!

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