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Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet The Modlet

modlet, hardware
Short for modern outlet, the Modlet (prices vary by volume purchased; by ThinkEco is an intelligent outlet that monitors the power to plugged-in equipment and shuts off power to the devices when they are no longer in use. ThinkEco estimates that organizations that implement a site-wide deployment of Modlets can expect a 35% to 80% reduction in the power consumed by each electronic device that’s plugged in, which will likely lead to as much as a 10% reduction in the overall utility bill. The Modlet is easy to install: plug it into an existing outlet and plug your appliances and devices into the Modlet. A network of Modlets will also send information about your office power consumption to a database, where you can view it from a Web browser. You can analyze the data to further reduce your utility bill.

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