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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips Change Drive Letter In Windows XP

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Tips Change Drive Letter In Windows XP. As when adding a drive on the computer, such as additional hard drive (external hard drive), CD drive, flash drive or other storage media, then Windows will automatically mark the drive letter in alphabetical order. However, if we want, we can change the drive letter that according to our wishes. If interested, please follow the tips shared Computer Tips and Tricks below. 

The steps to change the drive letter is as follows. 

First, right click on "My Computer" then select "Manage" so it will appear the window "Computer Management" 

Secondly, then under "Storage" select "Disk Management" so we'll see a list of drives in our computer system. At the bottom, we will see the additional drives. 

Third, right-click on the drive you want to change the letter, then select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" window will appear to "Change Drive Letter and Paths", as shown below.

Fourth, click the "Change" and then select the letter that we want. 

Fifth, then after determining the letter, click OK. 

Sixth, then you will see a warning that these changes can cause errors. If you wish to continue click "Yes". 

Seventh, then in a few moments, the drive letter has changed in accordance with our wishes. 

Eighth, to ensure these changes, we can open Windows Explorer and then note the drive we have to change the letter. 

Ninth, to change the drive letter the other, the procedure is the same. 

Good luck!

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