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Friday, January 21, 2011

Track & Analyze Your Energy Use

EnergyCAP designs energy accounting software (EnergyCAP Express and EnergyCAP Enterprise; contact EnergyCAP for pricing; that’s scalable to any organization size, including small market businesses. You can track both standard and deregulated bills and separate LDC and supplier charges. For convenience, EnergyCAP provides graphs and tabular views so you can easily compare yearly and monthly usage. EnergyCAP also provides benchmark charts where custom groups are ranked by cost, use, and unit cost per day.

Sustainability and compliance tracking is available for Energy Star energy efficiency ratings and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, you can automatically submit your building data to the EPA’s Portfolio Manager to see how your buildings fare against their peers. If your building passes, you can receive an official Energy Star rating. You can generate a carbon footprint report when monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. Information taken from EnergyCAP for accounts, bills, and meters can estimate emissions.

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