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Saturday, February 26, 2011


android tips mobile google reader
As a smartphone user, you’re beginning to get used to finding shortcuts for getting things done and quick ways to access the information you want. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the ultimate way to get everything that’s new on a particular Web site without actually having to go to the Web site. To start enjoying RSS feeds, you’ll need to configure an RSS reader, and Google Reader is one of the easier ones available. To start using it, just launch the Browser, navigate to, click the More link from the top of the page, and then select Reader. You can also get here by navigating to If prompted, input your Google username and password, check the Remember Me box, and tap Sign In.

On the mobile Google Reader interface, tap the double down arrow icon and then tap Add Subscription to search for and add RSS feeds. The following page gives you a search box and an extensive list of Feed Bundles, which are collections of RSS feeds that share a topic or theme, for things as broad as sports or as specific as Fantasy Football. Tap the Subscribe button below a Feed Bundle to get updates from the collection of related pages, or click the feeds link to the right to view the individual sites that make up the
Feed Bundle. To subscribe to a specific site’s RSS feed, go back up to the top and start typing terms into
the search box. For instance, you can search by topic or input the name of a specific site. Tap Search and then tap the Subscribe icons that correspond to the search result you want. Once you’ve assembled a respectable number of feeds, you can sign in and return to Google Reader to see updated items in the All Items folder.

RSS feeds typically include the first paragraph or so of the new item, so tap the headline to see the full text version. Google Reader also lets you share, “like,” and mark items as unread using the options at the bottom of the screen.

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