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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Turn off System Beep

tips and trick, windows
How to Turn off System Beep. Still with Tips Tricks Regedit, in this post, ITGuide888 will provide tips or how to turn off System Beep. By default, when problems occur, Windows will give an indication to the user by removing the (sound) beep. If we work in a room alone, maybe beep sound will not disturb others. However, when we work in a room that needs peace, as in the library room, then the beep sound can be interfere with another person. If you intend to turn off system beeps, the following tips tricks.

The steps are as follows.

First, run Regedit by clicking [Start] [Run] then type "regedit" ENTER or OK to proceed will appear the window "Registry Editor".

Second, click the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Sound, such as the following screenshot.

Third, later in the right pane, double click "Beep" and change its value to "No", like the screenshot below. If at any time, want to restore the original settings, we just change its value back to "Yes ".

Fourth, close the "Registry Editor" and then restart the computer.

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