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Thursday, February 3, 2011


it update, hardware
Forget for a moment that at $179.99, the Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand costs more than many headphones mobile users are likely to consider. Concentrate instead on the fact that German manufacturer Elusive Disc’s ( design helps the Omega “prolong the life of your headphones by exerting even pressure to the earpads, which will help keep their shape much longer.” If that ability is worth nearly $180, the Omega comes in choices of walnut, zebrano, cherry, or maple wood construction. Additionally, Elusive Disc steam-molds the Omega from a single piece of wood that it later coats with a matteclear lacquer. Your $180 also gets you a flannel pouch for covering the stand and your headphones, which Elusive Disc states will undergo less pressure while resting on the Omega than when worn on your head.

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