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Thursday, February 3, 2011


it update, software, hardware
■ If recent online rumors are true, it’s possible by now that Apple has announced details concerning a new iPad. Among the features the “iPad 2” is rumored to include is a built-in USB port, which many current iPad owners would view as a major plus. Currently, for example, transferring photos to an iPad means either using a PC/Mac for syncing or relying on Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29; The kit provides two separate dongles, including one that reads SD cards and one that allows for attaching a digital camera directly to the iPad. The 3-In-1 Camera Connection Kit available at M.I.C. (“made in China”) Store ($29.90; builds a USB port and SD card reader into just one dongle, along with a microSD card slot. Available in white or black, the 3-In-1 Camera Connection Kit reportedly supports other USB devices in addition to a digital camera, although not devices that need 20mA or more of power, according to M.I.C.’s blog.

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