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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Your BlackBerry has the ability to automatically dial the number of your choice when you simply press and hold a key. By default, the Q, W, and A keys are reserved for switching between Normal and Vibrate Only profiles, calling voicemail, and locking the keypad, respectively. To make any of the remaining keys a speed dial key for one of your contacts, press the Menu key and select Options. If you’re using a BlackBerry running a BlackBerry OS version earlier than 6.0, scroll to and select Phone Options and then select Speed Dial Numbers; for BlackBerry OS versions 6.0 and later, scroll to and select Call Management and then select Speed Dial Numbers. Next, scroll to and select an unassigned letter or number, choose a contact from the list, and then select the phone number you want to dial whenever you press and hold the corresponding key. Confirm your selection and you’re done.

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