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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If you’re like us, you probably have more apps on your device than you use regularly, but if a seldomused app is particularly large, it could affect your device’s overall performance. We suggest dumping these apps and possibly looking for similar ones with smaller footprints; the BlackBerry App World has plenty of choices these days. To determine the size of any of your apps, press the Menu key, select Options, scroll to and click Applications, and then select the app you want to inspect. The size of the app will be displayed; anything 4MB or larger is considered rather large. If any of the apps you rarely use fall into this category, get rid of them. To delete one of these memory hogs, press the Menu key, scroll to and select Applications, highlight the app you want to delete, press the Menu key again, and then select Delete.

Remember, the BlackBerry App World displays the size of each app on the main details screen, which lets you get picky about the apps you install if you’re running low on memory.

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