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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Rid Of Electronics & Sensitive Data Environmentally Friendly Solutions

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by Josh Compton - PC Today Sepetember 2010
Being green has become a major focus for many businesses. It makes sense to start with recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum, but there are other recyclable items that are more of a concern for growing businesses: electronics.

When your company decides to upgrade computer systems, mobile phones, or other related products, environmental responsibility is now a must when disposing of the outgoing electronics. Luckily, there are many services that provide recycling options in a variety of ways. If you simply want to find a local recycling center, Earth911 ( is a great option. But if you want more indepth solutions that include pick up, drop off, security, and other features, we’ll show you where to go and how to get started.

All Green Electronics Recycling
All Green ( is an ewaste disposal company that provides recycling services for everything from iPods and mobile phones to computers and televisions. You can schedule a free pickup where All Green’s e-waste collectors and waste haulers come to your business and take all of your unwanted electronics. You can also schedule a drop-off at one of their locations on any day of the week. If you want to refurbish and resell products, All Green will do that for you and send you 70% of the net revenue. All Green will also de-manufacture or simply recycle outdated or damaged items that can’t be resold.

Although it is recommended that you wipe your own data from hard drives and other data-sensitive devices, All Green guarantees 100% data destruction during the mechanical, mostly automated, recycling process. This means that whether you decide to resell or recycle, no customer information or other data will be recoverable. Along with pickup and drop-off options, All Green frequently holds events that are either free recycling collections or fundraisers where electronics can be dropped off and recycled.

CloudBlue ( offers multiple electronics services including ITAS (Information Technology Asset Sustainability Service), asset recovery, and asset disposition. ITAS helps resell, refurbish, remanufacture, or recycle electronic assets. Inventory management, logistics information, risk management, and compliance are included and, throughout the process, ITAS provides performance reporting and benchmarking assessments.

Asset recovery is a service that helps maximize the value of end-of-life IT equipment. It features asset valuation, logistics programs, data destruction, and auditing and reporting on each asset. CloudBlue also ensures indemnification against compliance risks and a secure portal for you to track your asset throughout the asset recovery process. Asset disposition is a recycling service for IT assets. CloudBlue has a zero-landfill policy which means that all of your unusable electronics will be 100% recycled and certificates of recycling will be provided. Legislative compliance is also provided and CloudBlue uses downstream recycling partners to ensure that national standards and restrictions are enforced.

CorporateRenew ( is the business-focused arm of YouRenew (, specializing in the recycling of mobile phones and PDAs. Orders affecting more than 250 of the same device model or requests to recycle other types of products can be arranged. CorporateRenew also provides payment for electronics that can be resold but if you simply want to recycle devices that are in bad condition or outdated, this can be done free of charge.

You can either test the service by sending in a few phones at a time or place a full order. Corporate- Renew provides instructions on how to package the devices and UPS pickup can be scheduled. Once your recyclables are received, CorporateRenew removes the data from them or, if this can’t be done, shreds and recycles them. Finally, you will receive a check if your order qualifies for payment and a report detailing your order.|

Gazelle ( is well-known as a consumer electronics recycling company but it also provides business services. On the consumer side, Gazelle pays for electronics that can be resold or recycles items with no market value free. For businesses, Gazelle provides the same service for recycling or selling electronics in bulk orders. Gazelle accepts laptops and mobile phones as well as other items from over 16 categories.

You can search for your item by model, brand, or other criteria and select the condition and included components of each one you want to submit. The more original cables and packaging you have available, the higher the value of your trade-in. After you’ve finished adding items, submit your order and you will receive an fficial email offer. Shipping your electronics to Gazelle is free and payment will be sent by check.

Importance Of Recycling

The possibility of recouping some money for used electronics and saving money on recycling services are great incentives for putting a businesswide recycling program into place. But, perhaps the most important benefit is avoiding the creation of hazardous waste and pollution by recycling these products instead of sending them to a landfill. ▲

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