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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


symbian mobile tips and trick
The Shift key on your S60 3rd Edition smartphone is one of the more useful buttons on the keypad. Here are a few of our favorite Shift key-related tips.

The copy-and–paste feature on Symbian phones is a Shift key function. Start by highlighting letters and words by pressing and holding the Shift key and scrolling up, down, left, or right. Once the block of text you want to copy is highlighted, release the Shift key. Next, press and hold the CTRL key, press the C key, and then release both keys. Now the text is copied to an unseen clipboard that functions similarly to the clipboard on a PC. To paste the text into a document, press and hold the CTRL key, press the V key, and then release them both.

The Shift key is also handy for highlighting, selecting, and checking multiple items in folders. For instance, if you want to delete multiple voicemails from your phone at once, just access your voicemail inbox, press and hold the Shift key, scroll down to place a green checkmark beside each voicemail you want to Delete, press the Options key, select Delete, and then Yes to delete the mass of messages. This works for emails, SMS messages, and most file types, including Notes, songs, podcasts, documents, and more. Note that the Shift function may not work in third-party applications, such as Quickoffice.

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