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Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you want to send all of the contact details of someone in your Contacts list to someone else, webOS lets you do this very easily. Tap the Launcher icon, select the Contacts icon, scroll to and tap the contact you want to forward, and tap the Contacts menu from the top-left corner. Tap Send Contact and choose Send Via MMS or Send Via Email. The email or MMS message will include a vCard attachment for the contact you selected.

Your webOS-based smartphone also lets you pass along only specified contact information (say, a phone number, email address, or mailing address) from one contact to another, without divulging all of the information in the contact card. To share a contact’s email address, start by typing the name of the contact whose email address you want to share (use the first letter of the first name and the first three letters of the last name to quickly narrow the search), select the contact, tap the name of the contact in the To field, tap it again to display the full email address (it will be highlighted in yellow), hold your finger in the Gesture Area and press the C key to copy the email address, and delete the email by holding in the Gesture Area and pressing the D key. Now you can open a new email or MMS addressed to the contact to whom you want to pass along the details, and press and hold your finger in the Gesture Area and press the V key to paste the copied text. You can use this tip to select phone numbers and mailing addresses from contact cards, as well.

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