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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What People Want From Their Smartphone - Satisfaction Is Not Always Guaranteed

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As smartphone use continues to rise globally, smartphone hardware and software makers are trying different combinations of features to see which ones will attract the most consumers. Thanks to ChangeWave Research, now they’ll know.

In May, ChangeWave released information about what smartphone users enjoy most and least about their devices, and which devices have left consumers the most satisfied. The customer satisfaction survey reports the preferences of 1,009 recent smartphone purchasers. It looked at all the different models and operating systems, as well as common features found on smartphones presently on the market.

Features & Platforms That Produce According to the survey, applications ranked highest on the list of key “likes” with 14% of respondents indicating apps collectively as their most favorite feature. Ease of use and Internet access tied for second place with 12%, while integration capabilities, email, and general functionality were each named the favorite by 10% of respondents. When asked which features they liked least, 12% of consumers named battery life, with screen (10%), keyboard (8%), and service provider (8%) following behind.

Apple’s iOS ranked as the most satisfying operating system with 71% of owners saying they are “very satisfied” with their device. Android is right on the heels of the iOS, with 67% of customers very satisfied. Palm’s webOS was third with 57%, and BlackBerry (37%) and Windows Mobile (24%) came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

ChangeWave’s Andy Golub says customer satisfaction is tied to individual consumers and their needs. “Among iPhone owners, apps, features and ease of use are the top reasons respondents chose their iPhone. In comparison, among BlackBerry owners, the fact that their company provided the phone and email access are the top reasons [for favoring their phones]. In addition, the operating system is becoming more and more important in the decision making progress, and Apple and Android are currently the clear leaders in this area and have the most momentum.”

Looking To The Future
Smartphone software and hardware makers are now faced with the challenge of delivering what this survey says customers want, but also leading the way in innovation and creating new demands and satisfactory features to stay ahead of the pack

“The biggest challenge for manufacturers is going to be keeping up with the industry leaders, and putting out phones that yield highly satisfied customers,” Golub says. “For example, the Apple iPhone, HTC Incredible and HTC Evo 4G have some of the best satisfaction ratings in the industry. For the other manufacturers to challenge them, they’ll need highly impressive devices that meet or exceed consumers’ increasingly high expectations.”

With the release of the BlackBerry 6 OS and Windows Mobile 7 on the horizon, Research In Motion and Microsoft will soon have a chance to make a run at the iOS and Android. ▲

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