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Friday, November 11, 2011

PlistEdit Pro v1.7.1 Mac OS X | 3.4 MB

PlistEdit Pro v17.1
PlistEdit Pro is the most advanced property list editor written for Mac OS X. Mac and iOS developers must edit a variety of property list files while developing their applications. PlistEdit Pro makes editing these files easier by providing an intutive and powerful interface. In addition to being able to copy and paste or drag and drop property list data around, PlistEdit Pro also offers powerful find and replace functionality, as well as structure definitions which provide easy access to commonly used keys in various standard property list files.

Power users can also benefit from PlistEdit Pro's preferences browser, which allows easy access to property lists used by OS X to store settings on your system. Browse through your preferences, or search an entire folder of plist files at once for a particular key or value. PlistEdit Pro also enables automation of tasks involving property lists, via its Applescript support and its pledit command line tool.

Feature List

    What a Drag
    Sick of fiddling with XML? PlistEdit Pro offers full copy + paste and drag and drop plist editing.
    Features unlimited undo support.
    Playing Favorites
    Assign keyboard shortcuts to open your favorite property list files.
    Under the Hood
    See how your property list looks both in an outline and as raw XML or ASCII text.
    Key Features
    Full keyboard navigation: edit your property lists without ever having to touch the mouse.
    Preferential Treatment
    Easily tweak your preferences files using the built-in preference browser.
    The Search is On
    Easily find and modify property list keys and values using the built-in find panel.
    By the Script
    Automate your development tasks using PlistEdit Pro and Applescript.


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