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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nomad Analytics

View Google Analytics Data On A BlackBerry

If you regularly use Google Analytics (, you know that the insight it provides users concerning the traffic to their Web sites, as well as the number of page views associated to those sites, can be invaluable from a marketing perspective. You also know that accessing all that information from a full Web browser isn’t always convenient or even possible. Enter Nomad Analytics, an app from Grito2003 that’s designed to bypass the Web browser route and let users check Google Analytics data for their sites directly on a BlackBerry.

Upon installing Nomad Analytics, you’ll need to log in to the app by entering your Google username and password. Nomad Analytics then goes about pulling in various data related to each of the Web sites that you’ve tied to your Google Analytics account for tracking and viewing  site-related data. Through the use of line graphs, pie charts, and text-based results accessible via drop-down menus, Nomad Analytics presents Google Analytics data in a clean and simple interface that’s effective for viewing data according to daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes.

In addition to displaying data related to the number of visits, visitors, page views, and bounces that a user’s Web sites experience, Nomad Analytics presents users the average time that visitors spent on their sites, the Web sites visited immediately before arriving at their sites, the countries from which visitors accessed the sites, and those pages on their Web sites that visitors viewed most often. Other data that Nomad Analytics offers up includes keywords that users entered to find the Web sites and the operating systems, ISPs, languages, and mobile connections the sites’ visitors were using.

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