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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Revive A Dead SMARTPHONE - Soft Reset

Soft Reset
All phones have a soft reset function, which is similar to restarting your computer. Beware that performing a soft reset will cause you to lose any data that isn’t saved, but you will retain information previously stored on your smartphone.
■ MOTOROLA BACKFLIP. Power the phone off. Remove and reinsert the battery, then power the phone back on.

■ ANDROID (OTHER). All remaining Android models use a simple power cycle to perform a soft reset. Just turn the phone off and then back on again.

■ BLACKBERRY (QWERTY KEYBOARD). Press and hold the ALTCAP- DEL key combination. The display goes black for a second and your BlackBerry resets.

■ BLACKBERRY (SURETYPE KEYBOARD). Press the ALT-CAP and Right Shift-DEL keys. When the screen goes blank, release the keys.

■ BLACKBERRY (TOUCHSCREEN). Turn the BlackBerry off and remove the battery for at least 30 seconds. Reinstall the battery and turn the device back on.
■ IPHONE (ALL MODELS). Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the iPhone and the Home button. Continue to hold both buttons (approximately 10 seconds) until the screen goes blank. You’ll see the white Apple logo as the iPhone reboots.

■ NOKIA (ALL MODELS). Power the phone off and remove the battery for 30 seconds. Reinstall the battery and power the phone on. Alternately, you can enter the code *#7380# and select Yes.

■ PALM PRE. If the phone’s menus are still active, select Device Info, Reset Options, then select Soft Reset. If the Palm Pre is locked up or frozen, hold the power button and cycle the ringer button on and off three times. If that doesn’t work, press and hold the Orange, Sym, and R keys until the device reboots. Turn the phone off, remove the battery for 10 seconds, reinstall the battery, and power the phone up.

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