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Thursday, December 29, 2011


If you’re running a webOS 2.1-based device and you have the touchstone charging dock, then you probably already know about Exhibition mode. This alternative lock screen displays all kinds of nifty information, including the time, your photos, and Agenda, which displays your upcoming appointments when your device is connected to the touchstone. Because webOS developers have access to Exhibition mode, they can add support for Exhibition mode, which means you may already have several apps that support this feature.

To check, just open the Launcher and swipe to and tap the icon for Exhibition mode. Next, you’ll see a list of apps that support Exhibition mode. Then just tap the switch adjacent to the Exhibition-capable apps to enable or disable them. Back out of this menu by swiping to the left in the gesture area. The next time you connect your device to the touchstone, or any Exhibition mode compatible peripheral, you can access the apps you enabled by swiping down. Then just tap the one you want to enable.

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