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Sunday, January 8, 2012

ANDROID - Add/Remove User Dictionary Entries

Typing on a smartphone is awkward at best, so we’re fans of anything that can speed up the process. The default Android keyboard application has an auto-complete function and User Dictionary that lets you add words to it that appear as you type. Tapping the word above the keyboard puts it into the text box, shaving precious seconds off your emails, text messages, and other mobile missives. It works great for generic words and phrases, but falls flat when typing unique items such as full names, email addresses, and unusual words you find yourself typing frequently. By manually adding such information, your Android device can display them as auto-complete options. If you use an older version of Android (version 2.1 or earlier), you may need to enable Auto- Complete before you can start building your User Dictionary. On these older devices, press the Menu key; tap Settings, Locale & Text, and Android Keyboard; and then click the checkbox beside Auto- Complete. Android 2.2 and newer devices have Auto-Complete automatically enabled, and you can start editing the User Dictionary right away.

To add a word to the User Dictionary in Android 2.1 and earlier devices, access the Locale & Text menu, scroll to and tap User Dictionary, press the Menu key, select Add, type a word (such as your last name), and then tap Add. To do this in Android 2.2 and later devices, access the Language & Keyboard menu, tap User Dictionary, press the Menu button, tap Add, type a word, and then tap Add to complete the operation. We recommend creating User Dictionary entries for your first name, last name, first and last name together, and “” or any other frequently used domains. The next time you attempt to type any of the words from your User Dictionary, the full word or phrase will appear among the other Auto-Complete options.

Some third-party keyboards also have a predictive text component that attempts to learn words you type frequently and suggest them as you type. For these, simply tapping a word from the list of suggestions is enough to add it to the User Dictionary; in this case, you may have dozens of words in your User Dictionary that you rarely use but that get frequently suggested. You can trim these by accessing the User Dictionary as described above, tapping a word you want to remove, and then tapping Delete.

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