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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WebOS - Orphaned Card Fix

If you’ve ever encountered an app that will minimize to Card View after you press the Center button but won’t let you swipe up to close it, then you’re familiar with a known webOS bug. The problem with this bug is that the app doesn’t think it’s in Card View, and thus accepts any gestures that it would accept when maximized. You can launch and close other apps, but as long as this card is in the background, it’s still running. A soft reset will resolve the issue (power the webOS-based device off and then on again), but there’s a faster way to solve this problem. First, you need to make sure you have the Advanced Gestures enabled.

To turn on Advanced Gestures, tap the Launcher, navigate to Screen & Lock, and turn on Advanced Gestures. Now you can switch between running apps by swiping the full length of the gesture area to the left (next) or right (previous). This keeps the apps full screen and saves you the step of having to enter Card View with the Center button to switch between applications. After enabling Advanced Gestures, you can still perform the Back gesture by swiping to the left in the gesture area, just make sure your Back gesture is small, to make sure it’s not confused with an Advanced Gesture.

Now, all you have to do to whip that misbehaving app into shape is swipe right or left the entire length of the gesture area to move to another app, and then swipe back to the app in the orphaned card. It should now be operating normally, so just swipe up to banish it from the list of apps running in the foreground.

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