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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WINDOWS PHONE 7 - Mango Ringtone Tips

Now that most Windows Phone 7 devices have gotten the Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) update, one feature you’re sure to want to take advantage of is the support for custom ringtones. To get started, however, there are a few rules your new ringtones will have to adhere to. First of all, they must be in WMA or MP3 format, smaller than 1MB in size, DRM (digital rights management) free, and 40 seconds or less in duration. These are some pretty stiff requirements, but to make any songs you have in your Zune collection, all you have to do is right-click it, click Edit, click in the Genre field, type ringtone, and then select OK. Next, right-click the new ringtone and select Sync With Windows Phone 7.

To add your new ringtone to a contact, launch the Phone, navigate to a contact, tap the Edit icon (which looks like a pencil), and then tap the plus sign (+) in front of Ringtone. Any songs or sound clips you turned into ringtones (by changing the genre to ringtone) will appear under the Custom heading. Select the one you want to use to complete the operation. ●

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