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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Android - Manually Back Up Files & Media

Backing up your files and media regularly is always a good idea. Sure, there are apps that can help you do this, but if they fail, you’re out of luck. To get started, plug your Android phone into your PC using the USB cable that came with it. If this is the first time, your PC will install a driver. On the Android device, wake it up and swipe down the notification bar. Tap USB Connection and choose to either Mount the SD card or select USB Mass Storage and then tap OK. You may also be prompted to Turn On USB Storage, so tap this button to proceed. Back on the PC, you’ll see an AutoPlay notification. Click Open Folder To View Files and Windows Explorer will display the contents of the SD card.

From here, you can’t back up your apps, but any data that your apps store, create, or download will be stored here. You photos are stored in the DCIM folder, music files can be found in the Music folder, and you can typically find your ringtones and notification tones in the Media folder. You can drag and drop any of the folders to a new folder on your PC or just back up the whole thing

To back up everything, right click an open space on your Desktop, select New, and click Folder. Type a name for the folder; this can be any name you like, but to follow along with our instructions, for now type Phone Backup and press ENTER. Now double-click your new folder to open it. Bring the Android phone SD card folder to the forefront by clicking it from the taskbar, click Edit (you may have to first press the ALT key to see Edit as a folder option), click Select All, right-click the newly highlighted folder contents, and click Copy. Click the Phone Backup folder you just created, right-click any empty space inside the folder window, and click Paste.

Once the copying has finished, you can wake the Android phone again. Tap Turn Off USB Storage, Unmount, or switch from USB Mass Storage mode to Charge Only mode. Keep in mind that as long as your Android phone is connected to your PC and your SD card is mounted, any files on the SD card—including ringtones, audio files, and documents—will be inaccessible. For instance, if you get a call while the SD card is mounted, your phone will use the built-in default ringtone instead of one you may have downloaded

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