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Sunday, February 12, 2012

BLACKBERRY - Enable Mass Storage Mode

One of the easiest ways to get files on and off of your BlackBerry is to enable Mass Storage Mode. With this feature enabled, you can directly access the microSD card installed in your BlackBerry, navigate the files, and drag and drop files without needing to run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or other media management utility.

To enable Mass Storage Mode, connect your BlackBerry to your PC with the USB cable. If you see a prompt asking whether you want to turn on Mass Storage Mode, select Yes; if you are not prompted, go to the Home screen, select Options, select Memory, and then check your settings. You should have Media Card Support, Mass Storage Mode Support, and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected set to On, On, and Yes. Press the Escape key, select Save, and then press the Escape key again until you get to the Home screen.

To access the files on the memory card from the PC, open Computer (Windows Vista/Windows 7) or My Computer (Windows XP) and then look in the Removable Devices or Devices With Removable Storage submenus. Double-click the one labeled BlackBerry.

You can open folders such as Music, Pictures, Ringtones, Documents, and Videos, and then just drag and drop files from a location on your PC to the BlackBerry. You can also take this opportunity to create new folders and rearrange items as you see fit.

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