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Sunday, February 12, 2012

WEBOS - Back Up Photos, Music, Videos & More

Backing up your phone’s data with your Palm Profile is a great way to make sure your data is safe should anything happen to the device. To perform a manual backup, simply tap the Launcher, Backup, and Back Up Now. If the switch in the upper-right corner is On, then automatic backups are enabled for your device. If the switch is Off, then the feature is disabled. Switching the setting from On to Off and then clicking Turn Off And Erase Data
disables the feature. While the automatic backup feature is nice, there are several items that have been omitted from the back up procedure: namely, music, pictures, and videos. To make sure you don’t lose these items, you’ll need to back them up using USB Drive mode.

Keep in mind that when your device is in USB Drive mode, you can take calls, browse the Web, or send and receive email, but you can also access your media files and save copies to a secure location on your PC. Start by connecting your phone to your PC with the appropriate USB cable and then tap USB Drive. The phone should appear on your PC as a
removable storage drive. If the Found New Hardware wizard launches, just click Cancel to close it. Next, just navigate to the phone in My Computer (in Windows XP) or Computer (in Vista/Win7; look under Devices With Removable Storage), double-click it, and then just explore the folders for media you want to back up.

Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the file(s) to a location on your computer. When you’re finished making backup copies of your media, rightclick the phone from Windows Explorer and then click Eject.

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