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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Want to grab all of your photos (and photos in which others have tagged you) in one big, downloadable package? First, download and install an application called Fotobounce ( Fire it up and click the Login button under the Facebook  heading on the app’s left-hand sidebar. Link up your Facebook account, and then select a folder for your Fotobounce library when prompted by the program’s center window. Now click the Photos option under your name in the Facebook menu within the app’s sidebar. From here, select photos in your own Facebook albums, right-click the images, and select Download to transfer them en masse to an album within Fotobounce.

It’s actually a lot easier to download your videos off of Facebook. Chrome users will want to install the extension Facebook Video Downloader to open brand-new options for saving videos to your desktop. Just be aware that you can’t download videos you’ve been  tagged in—only your own. Firefox users should check out the add-on Video DownloadHelper for similar functionality.

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