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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Go to Facebook’s home page > Friends > Manage Friend List > Create a L ist to establish specific groups of friends that you want to award customized profile access to. You can then configure a list by hitting up Account > Privacy Settings > C ustomize S ettings, a nd then selecting the Custom option under any of the drop-down privacy menus.

If you want to prevent friends from checking you into places (and showing random Facebook strangers where you are), uncheck the "Include me in 'People here now'" option on this screen. You can also prevent Facebook’s auto-recognition capabilities from suggesting your face in your friends’ photos. Click the Edit Settings button under the "Suggest photos of me to my friends" option, and disable this feature via the drop-down menu.

You can also use friend groups to banish annoying (or work-related!) friends from ever seeing that you’re logged into Facebook in the first place. Within the Facebook Chat sidebar, click the Settings gear icon > Limit Availability. From there, just pick the groups you want to appear invisible to on Facebook Chat. Or, conversely, pick the groups you do want to appear available to.

Your friends might be unwittingly sharing information about you when they use thirdparty apps. To limit the information third-party apps and websites can access about you, click Account > Privacy Settings and under Apps and Websites, click Edit Your Settings. In the next screen, click the Edit Settings button under "Info accessible through your friends." Configure as you see fit!

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