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Sunday, November 11, 2012


One of the easiest ways to keep your LinkedIn profile interesting and current is to link it to your blog. Provided your blog is professional, represents you well, and displays your expertise in your fi eld, having the latest entries visible right on your LinkedIn profi le can help you stand out amid a sea of plain-vanilla prospects.

There are two solid blogging apps in the LinkedIn Application Directory. If your blog is built in WordPress, add the WordPress app to your profi le and make sure “Display on my profi le” is checked. Just enter the URL of your blog, choose whether you’d like to display all recent posts or only those bearing the tag “linkedin.” (If your blog isn't strictly business, you should use the “linkedin” tag to make sure you’re only selecting posts that will add value to your profi le.) Click Save, and you’re done.

If your blog is built in MovableType, TypePad, Blogger, or just about anything else, use the Blog Link app. Blog Link is a universal blog reader for LinkedIn that simply pulls the latest postings from blogs found in the Company Website entries on your profile.

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