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Monday, April 22, 2013

JAVA- A Complete Programming Language

Java, a general purpose and object-oriented programming language is widely used for web as well as mobile application development. Web applications are the programs which work well on all the computer systems, interacting with the servers. Because of the increased use of web applications in all the spheres of our routine, almost all the industries have accepted the utility value of web application development.  In addition to this, Java has become a well accepted language for developing mobile applications. In all, Java has emerged as a comprehensive programming language.

Java comprises 3 main categories such as; JDK- Java development kit, J2ME- Java platform micro edition, and J2EE- Java platform enterprise edition which altogether serve complete applications as per the requirements.

  • JDK is a common purpose software application which has been widely used Software Development Kit till years.
  • J2ME is developed mainly for embedded systems and handheld devices. There are almost 2.1 billion mobile phones and PDAs enabled by J2ME.
  • J2EE is mainly used to develop server-side web applications. This platform independent environment is to build and deploy web-based enterprise applications online.
    Java is one of the most popular languages for desktop as well as web application development. This language is also used in various computer platforms such as; embedded devices, handheld devices, and super computers. Java is most preferred for developing applications which maintains design, architecture and expertise. It has been used for developing different tools, platforms and programs like; Elastic Caching Program, CEP, Business Process Management, etc. Though there are certain complexities in the Java language, they can be overcome using different blends of resources and technologies. Java web application development frequently needs an extra scripting or markup software language which covers JavaScript, CSS, or HTML software programming language.

  • Being one of the early adopters of technologies, Cygnet is expert of developing Java web application development. We also have rich and wide experience of developing Java mobile application development which has got tremendous customer satisfaction. Our Java proficiency comprises expertise of;
  • Java web application development
  • Java mobile application development
  • Java enterprise portal development
  • Enterprise Software application development
  • SaaS application development
  • Java software development
  • J2EE application development
  • J2ME development
  • Java application maintenance
  • Java application testing

Cygnet offers Java application development services for web, desktop, and enterprise software with the help of latest Java tools and technologies.

To harness the power of one of the most flexible and effective technologies, contact us at

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