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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Smart alec

I’ve just read the long feature on building a smart home (Shopper 343). We have, over the years, done just that, and I wanted to share it with your readers.

As your writer did, let’s start at the front door. We too have keys, which we insert into the locks and twist. Once inside, the operation of lights, if required, can also be included in your health and fitness regime. Each user has their very own customised-by-nature personal assistance levers we call arms. We lift them and use fingers to operate various switches to illuminate our passage through the building.

Also, while in individual rooms, we utilise further bi-ped travelators to walk to each low-level switch, bend down and once more flick the operator switch built into the wall. Of course, this bending and stretching also once more adds to the health and fitness of the user, something quite important as the years progress.

Moving on to the central heating, we use something called a timer on the boiler that sort of knows our movements because we have spent some time sorting out the twice-a-day timings.

Music is also taken care of, and we can use special portable Bluetooth speakers to allow music in any room we fancy, which also eliminate the supermarket-feeling all-home song sounds can introduce. We also found if we are just popping in and out of a room, we feel no over-riding anxiety at being away from our music for those moments as it will still be there when we get back into the original room. And if there is a worry we will miss something while we are gone, there is something we call the pause button.

Almost forgot the smart doorbell. We like once more to walk to the door and answer it. If we are not in, then we feel the caller can take the opportunity to call again. The latter does allow burglars know we are not in, but answering remotely also lets burglars know we are not in.

So there it is – that is our smart home and it has worked relatively well for my whole life. And the cost is pretty modest when compared to your writer’s budget. Of course, ours may not be quite so much fun, but hopefully all that walking, stretching, bending and pushing will help burn off the odd calorie or two each day. Bet your writer can’t match that.

Chris Murphy

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